Sunday, 16 January 2011


We always hear the name warewolf rite???or the serigala jadian......but


Gonna tell u guys a story..........why there's this WARE CHICKEN

Few days ago my friend from Bandung I decided to bring her jalan2 around Jogja. I rented a Avanza car for one day. Four of us (arip,ain,najla and me) went for the trip.

The sensation of driving a car is like MOKHSYAR.(eventough i'm not the one driving)........Me and Arip were very exited since the its very COOL to have a RIDE while seeing the motorbikes or girls from a CAR.WOW!!

So the 1st trip is to prambanan.....that was very nice. 

Then we took of to Parangtritis beach.

Here's the real prob.....

1st case:

We was on the way at in front of Galleria suddenly a bike just slide in front of the car and.....BANG!!!
Miraculously she survived.(she was just fine.....)

AYAM NO 1: Mas Kamu Hati-Hati ya.....
Me: Trying to open the window but cannot....(angry!!!)
Me: Kamu lagi masuk terus kenapa?? GA LIHAT??mobil nya udah di depan.zzzzz
Then she kept quiet.

2nd case:
Half the journey going to a TRAFFIC LIGHT(the car was STATIC). Suddenly a bike hit the car at the back....and it sounded like someone hit it and fell down and DIED. MY GODNESS. and I think he survived.coz nobody fell at the back.

 P/s nobody died in this case bcoz it's actually the sound of the "spion" or the side mirror of the bike hitting the car.DEM(we checked after we stop for rest-there's one straight line a the car..zzzz).

After that case I and arip was traumatized.WTH rite. Its like we are on the car but its the UNSAFEST place to be. The journey after that we keep honking and give passing light so that they know the presence of us.

Nasib baik we reach to parangtritis.....wah....

SO AS A CONCLUSION WE  CAN CALL IT AS THE WARECHICKEN or AYAM JADIAN.(since ayam jadian is too long so we call them as AYAM)


ARIP: Ayam kat depan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ME: Dem Ayam......(then i honked)even though i'm the co-driver.LOLZ

All of these AYAM's we can see it everywhere.......and it's very dangerous.

These motocyclist what I can say noob....they ride the bike like a chicken.seriously. Why??

  1. They don't see the side mirror
  2. They go into middle of the junction then only they see left or right.
  3. They ride very near to a car.
  4. And they think that the road is theirs.....zzzzz


hopefully i'm not a WARE"CHICKEN" or the ayam jadian

Better be cautious and before u become 

We should think about the others and not only yourself. Dun be a chicken.

But despite of all the tragedies......we had a great time.

P/S: I GIVE MY UPMOST SALUTATION TO ALL THE CARS DRIVERS IN JOGJA.....bcoz it's DEM hard to drive a car here.


Aien said...

Haha~ time pakcik tu langgar memang xleh blah.Rasa macam aku yg kena langgar. ==;

Nazirul said...

haha.....noob ayam gler

udienjai said...

AYAM punya tokei AYAM.

alya zaky said...

LOLZ!seb baik xde ayam yg terkorban

malinaramlan said...

gambar nazi berbadan ayam mmg terbaek !

Nazirul said...

alya:haha,,,,,,nasib baik
malina:klu i kene roasted mcm 2 la...

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