Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Its interesting topic actually......coz i was shocked to see the fact that women do really see these things....lolz.

Take one example:

Brad Putt: Hey nice dinner we have juz now.....the "tempe" was juz superb.
Angel Jolie: Ya.. its very romantic of you.....why don't we have a drink at my place.
Brad Putt: (yeay)....sure.

Suddenly reaching at her kost/house, this Brad Putt take of his shoes........A GUSHED of pungent smell from his foot diffuse through the room. THINK ANGEL DON'T NOTICE??

NOOB......haha. THEY DO!!! esp hygiene and body maintenance.....as the sense of attraction is based on scent and hygiene..(like i pro only,,,,,lolz)

Ok lets get on with the main points. Girls/ Women see:

  • Nails 
Guy's general cleanliness is based on the nails and the hands.( from what i heard la).
But mine i have 800 colonies.....*ouchhh*

  • The Back 
Well said.
  • Teeth
Nice dazzling teeth is the key but i don't have one

  • Nose Hair/ Ear Hair
Women see this also?? dem.....

  • Feet 
Smelly and fungal feet is a NO NO...

  • Skin
Skin like tupa's is what women wants the best.......haha. Girls actually like soft skin. I dunno that.
  • Eyebrows
"The only excuse for grooming your eyebrows when you're a guy is chopping a unibrow in half"

Cool eh???  Overall, what is the most important is the hygiene and the cleanliness. But i think i lack all of the criterias......wut a NOOB guy kan.

Guys/Girls feel free to comment if u disagree or wanna add.



malinaramlan said...

Duuuhh ! tu tak kira laki perempuan sape suka smelly feet ! ewww
I think girls they go more for personality jugak kot. Kalau head to toe handsome tetiba perangai cm hantu...... T-T

Nazirul said...
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Nazirul said...

Malina.....betul3x. I like the statement "handsome tetibe perangai mcm hantu".lolz.hopefully i bukan hantu.haha.

malinaramlan said...

tapi suara hot macam winklevoss twins dlm social network pun boleh gak ! hehe :p

Anonymous said...

hehehe...so what if they notice???...does it make any significant???..hehehe...actually agreee with ur point,hygiene and cleanliness is very important,not just to attract any male or female but to ourself to keep healthy mind,soul and body.....hehehe....

~@D?put3r@~ said...

yeah bro..they do look at our hygiene, sometimes if u wonder why we were always rejected by women..maybe its our hygiene is what we have to look at first..check out this cool vid on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZfAYWbhQP8

Nazirul said...

Anonymous.....thanks for your comment.
Yes it is significant.....haha. Girls or guys tend to run away(or maybe juz stare at that part)....and it's a turnoff.

Hell yeah mind, body and soul!

Nazirul said...

~@D?put3r@~(complex gler name ko)

haha......i agree.cool video.he and his EX....lolz.remember to apply LO-TI-ON(if it's free).....

~yon~ said...

tambah satu lagi...RAMBUT....hehehe

btw, bila nk tulis what men notice on women plak??

udienjai said...

oh nazi, patutlah kau single. bau badan rupanya. lol

Nazirul said...

yon....rambut betul gak.men notice women?? nice topic gak.....nnti ak try.haha

sudeen: 2 la pasal....patut la ak single.....dem.

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