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I think not everybody knows what DJ and DJ-ing  is........So let me explain.

What DJ stands for ??

  • Short for deejay or disk-jockey.
  • It's a person that chooses the music for an occasion.
  • They operate musics. speakers and sometimes the lights.

Types of DJ??
  • Radio DJ
This is the person who plays song on the radio as well as giving information to the listeners.
  • Party DJ
A Party DJ is DJ who is hired to provide music and often times chatter relevant to the event. These DJ's are equip with the techniques of handling vinyl record, CD, or digital files and how to professionally mix the audio. Usually a party DJ can be promoted to a Club DJ. 
  • Club DJ
Very well versed in mixing music to motivate the club goers to dance. Club DJs have historically been on the leading edge innovation when it come sto leveraging the equipment they have for the best new sounds and memorable effects.
  • Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ basically where the DJ or even a lay person can apply mixing in his life. As a lay person if you think that you have the capability of mixing or scratching CD's or mp3 you can be one. It uses a simple platform of downloading a software. (it's worth it rather than buy a full set).

For me myself, i use the virtual DJ tool to mix when i'm bored. But i'm still newbie at it.
my platform mixing while boring.......

What equipments do a DJ use??

  • Mixer (usually a two-channel since u wanna mix at least 2 songs a a time and crossfader)
  • Source of sound (this can be CD-J, vinyl turntables, Laptops or Mp3 players)
  • Headphones ( A good noise isolation full ear headphones)
  • The PA system (speakers and amplifiers)
  • Cables (To hook everything up)

Simple as that.

So what is the function of a DJ???

  • Change songs without stop.
  • Mix the music.
  • Learn what goes with what music
  • Loop the musics together
  • To control the mood of the listeners
  • Basically so that the listeners enjoy what they hear.

Simple tutorial for DJ-ing(Crossfading)
  1. Put in your songs which you think that can be mix
  2. Before the song finishes change the next track's BPM(beats-per-minute) by synchronizing(NUMBER 1)
  3. Then move the crossfader to the right(NUMBER 2)
  4. Yeah you did it. 

DJ is a storyteller 

When a good dj gets up to the decks, he knows what he's going to be doing to his crowd.
He knows what kinds of emotions he's going to convey, he knows what kind of mood he's going to put them in.
Just like the author of a book

A good DJ will program, or pre-arrange their set.

They'll have a happy song in just the right place, then a little bit slower song in just the right place. He knows how to make you sweat, he knows how to make you smile, he knows how to make you cry.

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alya zaky said...

ok,x bace btl2 smpi abes tp kucing tu comelllll!!!!pe lg nazirul,tunjukkan la hasil ko kat blog ;P

Nazirul said...

hasil ape ???bercucuk tanam ??lolz

udienjai said...

ARMIN VAN BUUREN tu comel. Nazirul shareef pun comel jugak. ok bye.

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sudien gay.ok komen xde kaitan ngan blog

staceylim said...

where's deadmau5 and why isnt he on the list!

Nazirul said...

deadmau5 or deadmouse is currently no 5 in ranking.

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