Sunday, 9 January 2011


Well hello I am gonna write something about myself. Usually I don't write about myself but wth.....blogging is about expressing yourself.

I find it interesting if i tell why i play guitar......So let's go to the main point.

WHY No 5:

  • if I have no money I can MENGAMEN

I always see the beggar(pengamen) when i'm eating and i really like them. Even tough they don't have money BUT they work hard for it. It's very inspiring for me.

WHY No 4:
  • I have something to DO.

Every people have their own opinion on what they wanna do. Some people play DoTA, shopping, make biscuit or wut. But, for me in term's of something to do........i like playin' guitar. (Even tough i'm noob).

WHY No 3:
  • New songs keep updating, its ENTERTAINMENT

Haha.....nowdays, the song are getting cooler and catchy. I really like it if i can play the songs. 

WHY No 2:
  • Its COOL

Its very cool la playin' guitar......if u just SEE the guitar it's cool. If u TOUCH it it's cool. If u PICK/STRUM it its cool.......and if u can PLAY??wow.....mamamia lezatos.(hopefully one day I can play well)

WHY No 1:

This is the MAIN reason I's like a friend for me.  Although we have the positive stress n the negative stress thingy but seriously its the NEGATIVE ones. If i have a really BIG problem (esp sadness) it will helps to cool me down. It's like when I have nothing it give me "something". 

Sorry if its sound EMO......but that is all the reason I play guitar.

Yeah......i'm a newbie at it but i'll try my best. 

It's all for SELF SATISFACTION.....that is all. (sorry if HUJAN because i sing along.....haha).

This song also inspired me.....hope it does to you too.


Mohd Fikri said...

hhoho.. ko stress ke? aku mcm lagi stress je, sebab noob giler main gitar.. keyboard pun aku dah give up.. T_T

Nazirul said... kapan terrified??

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