Sunday, 7 August 2011

When BAD meets EVIL

Top song from Eminem, Bruno Mars and Royce Da 5'9".

If u dunno whos Royce Da 5'9"??

Ryan Daniel Montgomery (born July 5, 1977)
Royce is one half of the rap duo Bad Meets Evil with Eminem

Royce's career caught fire when he hooked up with Eminem. Slim Shady's career had just gotten off the ground when the two recorded "Scary Movies" together. They later recorded "Bad Meets Evil" for The Slim Shady LP. This was song that put Royce on the national radar.

Bad Meets Evil reunion

After Royce reconciled with Eminem, the duo started working again on new music and released Hell: 
The Sequel on June 14, 2011

Which lead to :LIGHTERS (Eminem And Royce De 5'9" Ft. Bruno Mars  )
Enjoy the song!!!!!!

For The First TIme


It's been a while since my last post......OMG la.

Been busy lately with clinical rotation and dun have the mood updating my blog with this shitty internet connection.

Wut to talk about eh ??

Since I've entered clinical rotation, for first time i get to:

  1. Meet, greet and treat  real patients......(mcm2 ada).......before this belum pernah. :(
  2. Go out "luar kota"......the sensation is like going for a  holiday.ehehe
  3. Makan satay ayam classs.
  4. Play ping pong till 1am while on eh??
  5. Bring the dumbell to banyumas and klaten.....sounds DUMB rite??
  6. Buy a small fan since its very3x panas there......but now its cold here in jogja.
  7. Catheter insertion that went wrong.....why?? that's for me to keep to myself
  8. Get to know new friends.....and finding out that they are bengong like me......*priceless*
  9. Do autopsy to a cadaver......
  10. A doctor told me  "ALWAYS TREAT YOUR PATIENTS LIKE YOUR FAMILY". That is very3x true. :).Gonna hold on to the principle for a very long time. 
That is all for now.