Sunday, 3 April 2011

Karimunjawa Holiday Trip Cost

Hey guys its been along time since a have been blogging......

Gonna summarize my Karimun trip budget expenses

We rented the Avanza and took a 6 hour trip to Jepara jetty.(the place is near Semarang)

From Yogyakarta--------->Jepara : Rp 90 000
ferry to karimunjawa
As we arrived at Jepara we waited till the ferry to depart at 9 am.(its a 6 hour trip)

From Jepara------------->Karimun------------->Jepara; Rp 375 000

Dinner and snacks at Karimun : Around Rp 70 000
(act its based on your perut capacity-if u have "perut lembu" its a different case)
pulau tengah

Swimming with sharks : Rp 5000

Pisang Goreng at one of the beach: Rp 2000(5 bijiks)

From jepara------------->yogyakara: Rp 90 000
(We took travel back to Yogjakarta)

Total expences: Rp 632 000

Which is a approximately RM rite.....hehe

cumi !!!ahaha

beware of jellyfish ya!!!

P/s The Rp 375 000 is a backpackers trip package includes.....
(it's a 4day 3 night trip but act it only take 2 day o the islands and the other 2 days is on the ferry)

  1. Ferry tix from Jepara jetty to Karimun back and forth
  2. Breakfast and lunch meal for two days
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Trip of 7 island .......all are magnificently BREATHTAKING.
our instructors

The 6 island include
  1. Gleliang
  2. Cemara Besar
  3. Tanjung Gelam
  4. Menjangan Besar
  5. Pulau Kecil
  6. Pulau Tengah
  7. Hujung Dua.
  8. Kosong......(This is not counted since its juz a small piece of land in the middle of the sea......OMG!!!)
house owners,,,the place we stay
beware of this guy!!!!!!!!funniest man alive.(JOHN)