Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I've been listening to this one song keep buzzing in my head.....

Called "take you to MARS".....then i wondered what if i wanna go honeymoon at MARS??

Pretty cool eh??

So i did some research.........the result are very interesting.......

How long will it take you to MARS??

Orbit of Earth =  1year
Orbit of MARS = 1.9years (around 2 years la)
Earth and MARS orbit it take around 1.5 years.
SO it take around 9 months to reach there.

p/s: it depend on the velocity and fuel and etc. actually.....but theoretically its 9 MONTHS.

How to make sure that MARS is there when u reach it ??

U have to make sure Earth and Mars are in a line. It will happen only every 26 months.

How long should you spend you time in MARS??

At least 3-4 months.......IT'S A MUST!!

p/s:  because if it's shorter, Earth will be  no longer where u came from.....muahaha. scary ehh.

So how much time will you spend for your vacation??

9+4+9=22 months.

How many supplies you should bring??

Its is estimated for 9 months serving for a couple : 1 million pound of supply.
(mostly the semen and fuel take most of the weight)

But i shuttle can only take 50000 of supply......So u will die.....eventually. :P

Consequences living there??

U will be weightless there so:
Muscle gets smaller(shrink) will be hard for u to stand if u come back to earth.
Bone gets more brittle .....since it does not serve the purpose of weight bearing......calsium is absorbed from bone.

Still wanna go to MARS?? think again......maybe we should wait 20-40 more years after this if u wanna go..

By that time we will be 6 ft under.

CONCLUSION: Malas lah nk pergi.......zzzzzzzzzz betul.


Here is the song i've been hearing....



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