Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Hey peeps, its been a long time since i x blog...
Kinda busy lately but now i have all time. (i think la)
I decided to do go out and mengeluarkan peluh.......haha

Wake up at 6am......went on a mission to find a purpose in life. (poyo je lebih)


calories burned (according to the calculator la): 191


calories burned (according to the calculator la):230

p/s: the fastest recorded tennis serve is 251km/hour done by Ivo Karlović a coatian player. Anyway his is the tallest player in ATP....thats why la he can do that also.. :)



calories burned  according to the calculator la):331

  • The two-piece bathing suit known as bikini got its name from Bikini Atoll, a US nuclear test site in the South Pacific.
  • In butterfly stroke and breaststroke, swimmers need to touch the pool with both hands simultaneously when they finish. Swimmers touch the pool with only one hand when they finish in freestyle and backstroke swimming events

Total calories burned( according to the calculator la): 191+230+331=752

Calories need to be burned per day: 1680

STILL LACK of : 1680-752= 928!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!falx!!!!!!

still not enough............zzzzzzzzzzz.noob

CONCLUSION: NO NEED TO EXERCISE DAH!!!hahaha.xpernah cukup...haha


esther k. matthew said...

still not enough??? i think u salah kira nie...u did more than normal athlete dy la...zzz...
interesting pictures....zzz....

Nazirul said...

i dah take into account basal metabolic rate and all.....still x cukup.

norfaridahanum said...

jgn obses,nanti obes !

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