Wednesday, 29 December 2010

IT'S CHICKEN'S DAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"KOT KO DAK" everyone.........its Romanian Language for a chicken telling that she laid an EGG and happy to announce it to everyone.LOLZ. As if chicken can speak English, Malay, Cantonese, and Spanish.....weird ya MATE.

I was inspired to write on this topic and declare its as because chickens at my village is VERY VERY weird.....why??
"Usually a normal rooster will make sound early in the mornin' (usually when early dawn) but mine its 12AM IN THE MORNIN' . WTH.....haha.everybody is sleepin' including the humans to..."
(true strory happen in Ds. Karangjati, Jalan Monjali)

So why do they sound early in the mornin??

Maybe they are singing ADAM LAMBERT or wut. The answer is NO. Its actually roosters announcing their territory. Basically they do this usually early dawn because sound travel better that time.(Maybe the roosters at my village are NOOBs or he "shock sendiri je").

I also having this problem of classifying chickens......called me NOOB but i think i'm not ALONE....


A chicken is a chicken, no matter which sex it is. 

Male chickens are called roosters or cockerels.

Young female chickens are often called pullets, and mature laying-age female chickens are called hens, 

Baby chickens are called chicks.

juz kiddin'

this is the real chick...

Get ready for the next post........"chicken day" is getting hotter.


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