Sunday, 3 April 2011

Karimunjawa Holiday Trip Cost

Hey guys its been along time since a have been blogging......

Gonna summarize my Karimun trip budget expenses

We rented the Avanza and took a 6 hour trip to Jepara jetty.(the place is near Semarang)

From Yogyakarta--------->Jepara : Rp 90 000
ferry to karimunjawa
As we arrived at Jepara we waited till the ferry to depart at 9 am.(its a 6 hour trip)

From Jepara------------->Karimun------------->Jepara; Rp 375 000

Dinner and snacks at Karimun : Around Rp 70 000
(act its based on your perut capacity-if u have "perut lembu" its a different case)
pulau tengah

Swimming with sharks : Rp 5000

Pisang Goreng at one of the beach: Rp 2000(5 bijiks)

From jepara------------->yogyakara: Rp 90 000
(We took travel back to Yogjakarta)

Total expences: Rp 632 000

Which is a approximately RM rite.....hehe

cumi !!!ahaha

beware of jellyfish ya!!!

P/s The Rp 375 000 is a backpackers trip package includes.....
(it's a 4day 3 night trip but act it only take 2 day o the islands and the other 2 days is on the ferry)

  1. Ferry tix from Jepara jetty to Karimun back and forth
  2. Breakfast and lunch meal for two days
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Trip of 7 island .......all are magnificently BREATHTAKING.
our instructors

The 6 island include
  1. Gleliang
  2. Cemara Besar
  3. Tanjung Gelam
  4. Menjangan Besar
  5. Pulau Kecil
  6. Pulau Tengah
  7. Hujung Dua.
  8. Kosong......(This is not counted since its juz a small piece of land in the middle of the sea......OMG!!!)
house owners,,,the place we stay
beware of this guy!!!!!!!!funniest man alive.(JOHN)


cik hajar said...

haha. nice.

ala, tolong convertkan skali Rp-RM la. (as if I hv the luxury to go. haha. sigh)

ei xsakit kna sengat jellyfish ke? mcm scary >.<

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